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Checkers (English drafts) or (American-checkers) is a game that relies on intelligence and is somewhat similar to chess. It is played on a board 8 units long and 8 units wide (i.e. 64 squares), with 12 pieces on each side.

How to play checkers ?

Checkers can be played simply and with fun, following these rules:

  • Determine who will start the game first and who will choose the black piece. This can be done by drawing lots or flipping a coin, or by agreement between the players.
  • The board is placed with 64 squares, divided into 8 rows and 8 columns, divided into two colors, one dark and the other light, so that each player has a light square in the corner of the board in front of him.
  • The player arranges his 12 pieces of the same color for each player and places them on the board, one in each of the first three rows in front of him, so that the pieces are placed only on the black squares, leaving only two rows on the board. Move them in the middle and jump on the game squares.
  • The player can set a 5 minute thinking time before moving on the board and can use a timer to check if the time is correct. Players simply jump on the black squares to move along the diagonal.
  • Jumping and taking opponent's points The opponent's points can be taken and play continues according to the following rules.
  • The player with the black disc starts the first diagonal jump after selecting a black square on the board. The second player after the black player jumps over one of the black squares along the diagonal as the previous player did. The player continues to jump diagonally, and when his opponent's stone lands on the diagonal square directly in front of him, the player may pick up his opponent's stone, provided the diagonal following square is also empty so that he can stand on it. The empty square diagonal after it.
  • The player can jump and pick up many of his opponent's stones, when the jumps are consecutive diagonal jumps and there are more empty squares after each capture of an opponent's stone, the jumps take the form of a double diagonal to the right or left of the other player's piece, or two jumps to the right to pick up a piece The opponent stops on an empty square and then again jumps diagonally to the left twice to pick up another piece for his opponent, in this case continuing the direction and taking the opportunity to pick up as many of his opponent's pieces as possible until he stands on an empty square that cannot move diagonally and picks up the piece behind it.
  • A player's piece reaching the end of the opponent's board is crowned and is called a royal piece, distinguished by the placement of another piece on top of it. The difference from other pieces is that it can move diagonally forward or diagonally backward; capturing the opponent's piece and removing it in a way that normal checkers cannot do in this game, only moving forward, as the ease of movement makes this checker the key to victory and a unique winning piece. Players must make good use of it and can crown many checkers as soon as you reach the end of the board on your opponent's side.

How to win a checkers game ?

There are two ways a player can win in the game of checkers:

  • Eliminating the opponent by capturing all his pieces.
  • Setting a trap for his opponent so that he cannot move and use his pieces to move in any direction along the diagonal, so he loses the game.

Tips to play Checkers like a Pro

It is recommended to follow the following instructions; in order to play checkers game and win in a professional way they are

Dare to attack rather than defend, i.e. dodge and evade your opponent's pieces and stay at the edge of the board; for fear of losing a piece.

Avoid moving pieces hastily for the opponent to capture, but try to move them together and form a siege position so that the opponent cannot capture them, for example by placing them together in the center of the board so that they protect each other from behind.

Prevent your opponent from crowning his pieces by leaving some pieces in the back row for as long as possible, in case their crowning approaches and picks up his pieces.

Concentrate on your game and do not sacrifice easily, allowing your opponent to pick up for free. Instead, allow him to pick up some of his pieces, get a series of his pieces and pick up more, or open a port to crown and distinguish pieces, in addition to protecting the crowned pieces; as it is very valuable in terms of advancing and retreating and the ability to capture your opponent's pieces.

Try to crown as many pieces as possible to make the game easier, as long as you don't sacrifice too many other pieces for nothing.

Try to create a trap that frustrates your opponent by making it impossible for them to move their pieces, thus ensuring that the player wins the game.

Practice checkers many times and play carefully; learn more about the game and gain strategies that will benefit the player against his opponent in the future.

Play Checkers Online

Checkers, like other games developed in the age of technology and speed, has become possible through the Internet. You can play checkers online on cell phones, home and portable computers, through apps, websites and computerized game stores, and with the diversity of websites and play styles, this hot game has become a destination for many enthusiasts, with several versions appearing, attracting players of all ages and cultures, encouraging them to play; to entertain and share the fun with friends and family, and to develop their mental and logical skills as they exercise.